About Us

Mensan Hinge was established in a 300 square meter plant in 1977 and at the present time we provide service in a facility which occupies more than 2,000 square meter. We are proud of being the first manufacturer of tilt and turn wooden and PVC window systems in Turkey. We established a lasting company and a guaranteed brand with the help of our expert staff and German designed modern machinery and equipments. We started manufacturing by producing furniture hinges. Afterwards, we succeeded in occupying a place and creating a brand by producing door and window hinges. In 1994 our firm received the “Limited Company” title and to find new markets and to obtain new customers we established commercial relationships with many firms which are in the sectors of military, automotive, machinery, rail systems and various industrial fields. In recent years we are focussed on improving infrastructure development for producing new products for the industrial market. For this purpose we are producing best quality hinges according to customer demands. Thanks to our compromising principles, our quality is appreciated nationwide in a short time. The range of our products and quality are increasing each passing day. We appreciate both the functional and financial value of hinges with the idea of hinges are nameless heroes of door, lid and window manufacture. Therefore, we are striving to present the best quality with the most suitable prices. With the environment-friendly technology and innovative products, Mensan Hinge is investing in people and future for satisfying growing market needs. Also, we are working in R&D continuously.