Gradually Adjustable  Hinge

Gradually adjustable hinge fixes lids to a certain degree. For example; 90 degree adjusted hinge fixes the lid or the door when they open to 90 degree rotation angle. The function of the hinge does not effect full opening or closing of lids or doors. Whenever it is wanted, the lid or the door can be fully opened or closed.


Our product is produced of glass-reinforced PA6 material. The pin is made of metal. It’s surface is flat and smooth. It has 270 degree rotation angle. The size is 60 mm x 60 mm x 6.5 cm. Two hinges’ payload is 15 kilogram. Mostly it is used on panel box doors, machine doors, plain and lightweight lids. The stiffness or softness of movement can be fix by a allen wrench.

Gradually Adjustable Hinge
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