Stainless Steel Foot Pedal Hand Sanitizer


The Mensan Foot Pedal Sanitizer is an all stainless steel ground or wall-mounted hand sanitizer or soap dispenser that is designed to encourage sanitary environments by reducing contamination due to hand contact. The product is designed to use every kind of sanitizer bottle with easy adjustment system. When the foot pedal is pressed, this industrial strength system push to the dispencer system and dispenses it directly into the users hand. Perfect for dispensing hand sanitizer in schools, hospitals, food preparation areas, shopping malls, retail store entrances and other public areas.

Why Mensan Hand Sanitizer Station?

* Completely foot operated – no hand contact points

* Ideal for transition zones to prevent cross-contamination

* No electricity required – no batteries or electric costs

* Does not require expensive, specially-designed chemical packages

* When the foot pedal is pressed, the strength system push to the dispencer system and dispenses it directly into the users hand.

* Machined stainless steel dispensing pump and all stainless steel construction – built to last!

* Pressure damper absorbs shock from harsh “stomping” on the foot pedal

* Performance tested to over 1 million strokes

* Adjustable for 1 to 3,6 liter bottles. ( The range is W10 x L10 x 20 cm to 36 cm Height ) Easy adjustable for any kind of bottle.

* Very clever packaging ( The box is only 13cm x 13cm x 102 cm, 9 kg)

* Design allows for easy, internal washing

* Available in a free-standing configuration also can be mounted to the wall or ground.

* Anti-theft. Key lock system


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